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Curation Process

Curation Process

Skin Library exists to provide you access to all the best high quality K-Beauty products at an affordable price point. All the brands that made it to our stock list have passed through our curation policies; they are tried, tested and adheres to all our quality standards. We implement a thorough curation process to uphold Skin Library’s name in being a trustworthy retailer that provides the best range of of high quality products for its consumers. We only work with innovative brands whose values are aligned with Skin Library’s identity.


— STEP 01 —


With our regular visits to Korea, we are constantly updated on trends, innovations and developments of its growing beauty industry. By regularly tuning into the needs of our consumers, we uncover what kind of products that they would want and what their peers are recommending. We also combine that with the voice of beauty experts in the industry, this includes make-up artists, dermatologists, esthetician, editors, cosmetic scientists etc. We pay close attention to their opinions and industry reports. With this valuable insight, we embark on our journey to scour for the best products and innovations coming straight out of South Korea.


— STEP 02 —


Before stocking a product or partnering with a brand, we take the time to dig deeper. We learn more about every brands ethos. This is done to ensure that every brand is aligned with the quality and efficacy standards Skin Library upholds. We make sure to meet with the R&D team of every brand to ensure this is the case. This thorough review is usually followed by a round of feedback with our beauty experts and our consumer base.


— STEP 03 —

Bookmark & Approve

When a product reaches this stage of curation, it is ‘bookmarked’ and trialed. This is done by selecting a small research group, taking the targeted age, ethnicity, gender and skin type into consideration to conduct our final round of analysis. We ensure that all products meet EU Regulatory standards before making it to our shelves.


— STEP 04 —

Shelved & Stocked

The product is then launched in stores! We carry out regular brand reviews to ensure that the product maintains its quality.

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