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Skincare... but make it Self-care

A sheet mask can sometimes become a security blanket for many of us that have a million and one things going on in our lives.

Your boss made you work overtime? Leave that mask on for an extra mask 10 minutes. Your deadline is 24 hours away and you’ve only written your name? That’s 2 sheet masks back to back. Ran out of wine? Might as well sleep with the mask on.

Unfortunately, until we can put a sheet mask on all our problems, a mask isn’t going to do more than just cater to our skin.

It’s important to note that self-care in itself is relative and can mean different things to every one of us. It can cover many areas of our lives, from our mental health, our body, our social life, our environments, our professional lives, the list goes on.


The general concept of self-care is about intentionally taking care of ourselves and when it comes to skincare, its philosophy isn’t that far off. Though the goal of your skincare routine is most likely to improve or preserve your skin, the line between skincare and self-care is pretty much non-existent. Show it love, and it will show you love too.


No matter where your skin is at in its journey, we can all revel in the mental benefits that skincare blesses us with. Having your daily ritual of spending 10 minutes alone in the bathroom going through your 3, 6 or 10 step routine is in itself a relaxing and meditative process that only you can enjoy. This can be your time to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself, reflect and realign. Not only does it reward you with a sound mind, but it also leaves you with ‘sound’ skin.


‘Allowing yourself the time to the spend on something like a skincare routine is the only first step in better understanding how proper skincare affect your mental health. Self-care is an all-encompassing way living that can include large and small acts.’ - Lauren Rearick, HuffPost


We’ve all had those nights when we’re in an uber home, full-faced (or not) thinking of the routine that awaits us at home, but your skincare routine doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Relish in the process and truly turn it into me-time. Get your favourite series ready, put on that mask Enjoy it. Revel in it. Be intentional with your self-care. Nothing beats going to bed knowing that the face you’ll encounter the next morning when you step into your bathroom and look in the mirror is your face brighter than the day before.


- by Leslie Mensa


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