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Skin Library at Elle Weekender 2019

The Elle Weekender just took place - and what a Weekender it was. Down at the Fairground we were joined by other friends in the beauty space, who like us, are obsessed with all things beauty and skincare.


The Library had the pleasure of receiving so many people at our stall. There were those who wanted to learn more about Korean skincare and the science behind it and left with a wealth of knowledge and advice.

There were those that wanted to go a step further and experimented with our complimentary Korean sheet mask facials.


And then there were those whose only focus was the grabbing machine - including the ones who came back quite a few times 👀😂.


The Library was also joined by a few friends, including Kaiser Coby and Shirley B Eniang, who were also very eager to learn more about Korean skincare.


Here at Skin Library, we take our aim to educate people on skincare very seriously. And so, it only made sense for us to invite SKNDOCTOR’s very own Dr Ewoma to shed some expert light on various skincare issues.


During our interactive session, we were able to question and contribute towards the conversation on the fundamentals of skincare routines, industry diversity and inclusion, beauty trends both good and bad as well as the age long ‘natural vs chemical’ debate. Thanks to the age of social media and influencers, the average person has more information at their fingertips, and that includes information on beauty and skincare. It's common for social media to be the first point of call when looking for answers and solutions to our different skin concerns. And while this may be a helpful place to start, it shouldn’t be the end. Dr Ewoma touched on how much more aware we are of skin treatments, products and active ingredients as a result of social media (ahem, thanks to certain brands, you know who you are).


However, she also highlighted the downside to this. While certain products or ingredients may be trending and may even work for many, we run the risk of overloading and overwhelming our skin with a plethora of products, which could actually be detrimental to our skin’s health, all in the name of trying the next best miracle product. This is why she suggests that we educate ourselves on skincare properly by seeking professional advice.

There’s nothing wrong with trying new things, (here at the Library we encourage it!) but it should always be done in an educated and conscious way.

The key takeaway of the discussion was to always seek expert help and most importantly, to celebrate your skin’s individuality by doing what works for you in a healthy way. Everyone’s skin is different. And while there may be some general similarities across the board, understanding and embracing your skin’s needs is of the utmost importance to unlocking its optimum health. This diversity in itself, is what beauty is. And that’s what we stand for here at Skin Library.


On the whole, the Elle Weekender was definitely a high point of the year for us here at Skin Library and we can’t wait for you to see what else we have in store for you guys. Keep your eyes peeled for future events and feel free to come to us with any and all skincare questions in the meantime.

See you at the next event!


- Cristyn Nartey x


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