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Bubble Toner | Is a Bubble toner any different from a normal toner?

A bubble toner is a foaming bubble toner trend is currently on the rise. Claim to penetrate deeper and clean out the pores, what is the trend all about and if there’s any added benefit by creating a toner in a bubble form? Let’s find out more about it!

What is a Bubble Toner

What are Bubble Toners

A Bubble toner is a foaming toner that is basically a regular toner that is created with the addition of a foaming agent and packed in a pressurized oxygen-free pump packaging that separates the products from air / oxygen and gives enough oxygen and pressure for the products to bubble up.

This is actually not a breakthrough technology as we have already seen this technology used in cleansers or other mask products. Foaming products usually use perfluorocarbons that dissolved oxygen gas, exactly like how water dissolves the carbon dioxide gas in soda.

The oxygen that is pumped into the pressurized packaging reacts once it is pumped and comes in contact with the air. Another way is to actually use a foaming agent packed in a pump container that pressurizes the foaming agent to foam up once it dispenses out of the packaging.

What it claims

What bubble toners claims

The claim of varies bubble toner products vary from being able to clear out the pores, delivering more oxygen / nutrients to our skin, the list goes on. The claim usually varies between brands and products. The claim generally comes from the other skin-benefit of the active ingredients or extracts contained in the product itself rather than the bubbling technology it incorporated in their product.

Is the claim real and are there any additional benefits of using a Bubble Toner?

Benefits of Bubble toners

Unfortunately, there is not much scientific evidence that can back up this claim. As we all know, oxygen is the source of nutrients for our skin that are brought up throughout our whole circulatory system. It is a fundamental part of our skin to function. The next question is, isn’t oxygen readily available in the air and how can topical skin care add any benefit for our skin? Yes, topical skincare products providing oxygen can barely pass through our epidermis. Therefore the claim for adding the oxygen level to our skin is merely for marketing purposes. Although of course we can still benefit from the other actives and hydrating ingredients in the product.

But don’t worry, there are actually some benefits that you can get from this product.

  1. The unique experience

Yes, a lot of people actually enjoyed this unique and fluffy bubbly experience in their skincare routine. We do think that there’s nothing wrong with using skincare that brings more joy. If you like the ticklish and bubbly sensorial experience, you might want to try out these products!

  1. Less messy and less product goes to waste

When it comes out foamy, applying toner can be a little less messy. No more toner dripping all over the floor since it is pretty easy to dispense, apply and spread all over the skin compared to regular liquidy conventional toner.

  1. Less skin tugging or rubbing

When you’re someone who loves to use cotton pads while applying your toner products, the cotton will tend to rub and tug on the skin. If you have sensitive or sensitized skin, this airy foam toner can actually reduce the chance for rubbing of the skin. At the same time, it can add the much needed hydration back to your skin.

What people think about Beauty of Joseon Bubble Toner

Beauty of Joseon AHA toner was formulated for skin balance sebum and remove dead skin cells, so it is suitable for people with excess sebum and acne. It contains 25% plum water and 3% AHA exfoliant (glycolic acid),which helps to exfoliate old dead skin cells.

Skin feels smooth and fresh

I have very dry skin around in my chin and cheek area and acne scars so I’m picky about giving reviews since everyone’s skin in different. I really like this toner. This toner surprisingly refreshes my skin and I only use one pump, not even a full pump, on a cotton round and I haven’t been dealing with dry patches since using it. I can’t wait to try another product

Love it!

I love the fact that the Bubble Toner-Green Plum +AHA doesn’t have a super over powering fragrance and the pump system gives you a lite foam that’s enough with one pump for the entire face. The Bubble Toner is great for sensitive skin. It will make your skin glow ! Love the entire line.😍

Above reviews as shown on Beauty of Joseon bubble toner page.

Takeaway: Trends come and go, some are there to stay while the others will only last for a while. What do you think about the bubble toner trend? Are you sold by this unique new sensorial experience in your skincare products?



Claudia Christin

- By Claudia Christin (@funskincare)

MBBS, Ph.D. (Dermatology)


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